The Digital Juan Productions Inc.


In 2016, The Digital Juan (TDJ) was founded by churchmates John Joshua Pastor and John Joseph Eguia.

They started their relationships as mentor-mentee as they volunteered in the church's multi-media ministry. It is engraved in their hearts to serve and bring out the best in other people's story highlights with their photography and video editing gifts. 

When opportunities came to express their work in the corporate world, they realized that they could do more and expand their horizon in helping more organizations achieve the success of their brand storytelling. They appreciated how marketing through creating videos generally contributes to society, including employment and economic growth. 

Between 2016 to 2022, The Digital Juan has been silently serving clients and is considered one of the "underrated" in the multimedia industry. Most clients branded the TDJ as a "hidden gem." For more than six years, The Digital Juan invested their efforts in the backend and operations of the company more than social media and marketing presence.

Between the years, they have launched Juanna Studios, a brand under The Digital Juan that focuses on social events, particularly weddings. 

TDJ's journey has been one of passion, dedication, and perseverance. Our company started by volunteering in the church and helping friends and small to top corporations create their video presentations. Over the years, we have evolved into a service-oriented and high-performing player in our industry.

As we gained momentum, we started to attract attention from customers and investors alike. Our commitment to quality and customer service helped us build a loyal following, and our revenues grew. We reinvested our profits into the business, expanding our product lines, hiring full-time staff, and investing in technology to improve our operations.

Now, starting in 2023 forward, The Digital Juan will redirect its focus on exposure more to the public with its upgraded marketing initiatives and management support. From a sole proprietorship (TDJPH Multimedia), The Digital Juan (The Digital Juan Productions Inc.) is now a corporation owned by Josh and John, plus two high-paid management consultants in the Philippines, Paul Eguia and Marlon Molmisa. 

For the next five years, the company will continue to have a presence in South East Asia, offering the following core services:
  1. Video Production
  2. Photography
  3. Event Coverage
  4. Studio for Rent
  5. Digital Marketing Consulting and Management
We are proud of our achievements, but the best is yet to come. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to grow and evolve while staying true to our values and commitment to excellence.

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